Orange Lava Cup

When you have the chance to cradle this small cup or chalice in your hand, you realize that it was made for a specific purpose. The surface is smooth and warm to the touch, the glass material is a kaleidoscope of multi-coloured parts and the vessel size is extremely small. There is just enough room in this cup to hold something very dangerous, very precious or very expensive. If the colour wasn’t so exuberant and positive, this iconic chalice might be a historical Roman cup for hemlock to “drink death” from. The preciousness of its size is infused with the dynamism of colour. By using orange, Emoril has let loose all the embedded meanings of this colour – energy, lust, excitement and flamboyance.
  The pâte de verre process is a complicated kiln cast method of glass-making based on Egyptian precedents. The method and small stature of the cup suggests that it is an artefact, dug up in some archaeological site - unfortunately destined to spend the rest of its life behind glass as a trophy piece or in some museum drawer. A happier end for this beautiful cup would be on one’s table filled with a few ounces of Chartreuse or very old Scotch.

by Wendy Walgate for Distill Cup 2009

Glass type: Pâte de verre

Dimensions: 2” in diameter, 3” high

Orange Lava Cup
Orange Lava Cup Orange Lava Cup


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